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Suitable for all secondary stages (junior to specialist)
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"Moments in Local History"
People and Places of Irvine
published December 2018

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Quick & Easy Ordering
(using class names and class sizes)

Set up weekly order
(build it up over days/weeks)
(auto classes/days/sizes - you click recipes)

+ Process an order
(produce lesson/dept totals,
using output option which suits you)

+ Finalise an order
(adjusting per store cupboard)
+ Monitor lesson costs
(view course/term/year totals)

Flexible Nutrition Analysis
(using latest HMSO data;
three levels: Basic, Standard, Self-Select;
bar charts, pie graphs, traffic lights)

Single recipe
(with product label option)
+ Comparing two recipes
(or same recipe with variations)

+ Analysing a meal (several recipes)
+ Single ingredient
+ Comparing two ingredients
+ Finding where a nutrient is used

Sensory Analysis

Choose descriptors
(c.100 provided, with their meanings;
own descriptors can be added)

+ Decide no. of assessors
+ Set up assessor forms
+ Enter assessor scores
+ View results in text
or in graphical form
(bar charts; pie charts; spider graphs)
+ Paste into project reports

What users say

Nutrigraph makes my job so much easier. (HE support assistant, Edinburgh, Dec. 2017)

We are really impressed with the system. (HE teacher B.C., Perth & Kinross, Sept. 2016)

Thank you so much for accommodating our ideas. (PT Lifestyle A.S., Aberdeenshire, Aug 2016)

NutriGraph is a fantastic bit of kit. (HE technician C.B., Aberdeenshire, Aug. 2016)

I couldn't imagine doing food ordering without your programme! (HE teacher M.D., Perth & Kinross, May 2016)

The software is very important to us. (school Network Manager M.A., West Lothian)

Email or phone 01294 276168

Read/download our info sheet
and/or earlier user testimonials

Designed for a busy secondary school in 1982/83, this system was soon adopted in many other schools. As OrderMaster5, it was recognised as an essential element of staff support in 1999, and, as NutriGraph™, was issued to all schools in Scotland in 2001. NutriGraph™ was converted for online use in 2015. The cost is kept at a very affordable annual fee. [..]

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