From a user review of the CD-based version:

Immediate and colourful results are produced for students at all secondary stages by this nutrition analysis software, originally specified by a curriculum body, and now an established resource.
Graphs and textual results can be saved for use in any report package, and analysis results can be saved for food labels. . . . Existing users comment on its ease-of-use and its flexibility in providing analysis from simple to advanced levels, thus supporting junior and senior students of Food Technology, Home Economics and PSHE. (published by R-E-M, Somerset)

User comments on the CD version

The pupils who will be using NutriGraph for GCSE can't wait to use it in the heat of battle . . and KS3 groups are already getting used to using it with their nutritional project on hiking foods . . some comments have been "Wow, fantastic, why did we not get this earlier, sir?" and "This is much easier not to mention quicker" . . As for value for money, it is great value - a Somerset teacher reviewing NutriGraph for an educational supplier.

So flexible - it can be used with any group, from First Year upwards - a tool which can be adapted by teachers to do many tasks - better than anything else of its type - a North Lanarkshire teacher using NutriGraph in June 2002

An excellent piece of software that will be very useful to all teachers of food technology. It can compare ingredients nutritionally if a student is not sure which is the healthier option. Recipes can be created and analysed. This is a one-stop programme that will cover everything that is required for CAD in food technology at GCSE. (Ian Webb)

This programme proved best for my personal needs - you can compare ingredients, create and analyse recipes and show costing. (Leanne Manning)

I am very impressed with its time saving qualities.  It would be frustrating to manually calculate food orders knowing that there is a much quicker method available. -  Mrs E. B., a satisfied customer since 1989,  and an enthusiastic user of later versions
It saves hours of collating food orders and means pupils can have a greater choice of recipes  (Mrs M.M., another user since 1989)

Just completed first full order on version 5 - brilliant!  (Mrs H.B.)

A time saver !!  No collation - ideal for stock control  (Mrs E.S.)
I hope everybody is as pleased with it as I am . . .  it makes our busy lives so much easier  (Mrs E. G.)
I timed myself today - it took me less than one minute to do the food orders for my classes (Mrs A.H., a new user, from version 5)